Gracewells Care Employment Application



Please list previous employment with the month and year dates for each separate employment since leaving full-time education
Please explain any gaps between jobs
Please list details of schools and colleges attended, together with qualifications.
Please state your reasons for applying for this post. Give details of any career objectives.


We have a legal responsibility to ensure that all our employees have the legal right to live and work in the UK. If we make an offer of employment, we will need to check that you are eligible to work in the UK before you start work.


Gracewells Care actively promotes equality of opportunity for all with the right mix of talent, skills, and potential, and welcomes applications from a wide range of candidates, including those with criminal records. Gracewells Care selects all candidates for interview based on their skills, qualifications, and experience. Legislation now in force in England and Wales, allows certain old and minor cautions and convictions to no longer be subject to disclosure, however, cautions and convictions for specified serious violent and sexual offences, and other specified offences of relevance for posts concerned with safeguarding children, like those within Gracewells Care, still remain subject to disclosure. In addition, all convictions resulting in a custodial sentence, whether or not suspended, will remain subject to disclosure as will all convictions where an individual has more than one conviction recorded.

The amendments to the Exceptions Order 1975 (2013) provide that certain spent convictions and cautions are 'protected' and are not subject to disclosure to employers, and therefore cannot be taken into account when making decisions. If you are unsure what should or should no longer be disclosed, then guidance and criteria on the filtering of these cautions and convictions can be found on the following website:

or by accessing the Unlock website resources:

All applicants who are offered employment will be subject to an enhanced criminal record check from the Disclosure and Barring Service before the appointment is confirmed.

You are therefore required to declare any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings that are not "protected" as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (as amended in 2013). Information declared will be used only to consider suitability for the post in question and will not be used as the sole criteria to decide your fitness for the post. Unless an appointment is prohibited by law (under the terms of the Protection of Children Act 1999 (as amended by the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000), a criminal record will not automatically debar you from being considered for employment. Changes to the way the DBS deals with disclosures means that certificates are now only sent to you, no longer the employer, so we may ask you to bring your copy for us to view any cautions, convictions, reprimands or final warnings that it may contain in order for us to be able to make an informed decision. Furthermore, applicants will be given an opportunity to discuss any details supplied before any decision is taken regarding their appointment. In reaching such a decision, Gracewells Care will consider the nature of the record/action, the length of time since the offence(s), its relevance to the position applied for, and any other information provided.

You should note that failure to bring any unfiltered conviction to the notice of Gracewells Care, either on this form or at a subsequent interview, may lead to the withdrawal of the job offer or disciplinary action, including summary dismissal where appropriate.
The form will only be read after successfully clearing shortlisting. All information in the form will be treated in the strictest confidence. However, it will be available to the relevant Manager and Officers of Regulatory bodies as required. If you are offered an appointment with Gracewells Care, the completed form will be retained as part of your confidential Personnel File. If your application is unsuccessful, it will be kept for six months, along with your application form, after which time both documents will be destroyed in accordance with data protection procedures.

Please note that it is illegal for a person who is barred from working with children by the DBS, to apply for any position within Gracewells Care.


Please provide the contact details for two referees (none of whom should be close friends or family), who should be able to comment on your suitability for the post for which you are applying. One of these must be your present or last employer. We will request references from all referees named. All offers of employment will be subject to the receipt of satisfactory references. NB: It is imperative for the speed of process that you make your referees aware that you have named them and that they should complete and return requests as soon as possible.

Disclaimer Form

The Disqualification for Caring for Children Regulations 2002 applies to anyone employed in a registered or voluntary children’s home. The Regulations set out grounds for disqualification from caring for children.
These fall into three main areas:
1. Where a child of the individual has at any time been the subject of a care or similar order, or where an order has been made with the purpose of removing a child from the individual’s care or preventing the child from living with him/her.
2. Where the person has been convicted of an offence specified in Schedule 1 of The Children and Young Persons Act or one involving injury or threat of injury to another person.
3. Where:
• The person has been concerned with a voluntary or registered children’s home which has been removed from the register; or
• An application by the person for registration of a voluntary or registered children’s home has been refused; or
• The person has been prohibited from being a private foster parent, or the person has been refused registration to be a childminder or provider of daycare or had his/her registration cancelled.


I understand that appointment to this post is conditional on the information supplied with my application being correct and that if I have withheld any information or any information is found to be false, I will be liable to disciplinary action.
The statements made by me in this application form and on any additional sheets are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
I hereby consent to the processing of the above data in accordance with the current Data Protection legislation.
The information provided within this application may be used for statistical analysis and to obtain references from past and current employers. For applicants joining Gracewells Care, the information provided will be used to administer company operations in connection with their employment. Unsuccessful applications will be destroyed after six months.