Our Services

Therapeutic principles are applied in all our homes

Residential Care

We focus on guiding young people to develop their social, emotional, and functional skills. Using a therapeutic model we promote a positive outlook and try to find some good in any situation. We lead young people to raise themselves with achievable challenges.


We work with families, carers and the young person to identify their most suitable placement. Our Residential Care will provide the best level of support to meet the needs of the young person.
Our placement process includes strict rules for the referral. So we need as much relevant information as possible. This may involve a need for extra details and a contact number for the current social worker. Although we may ask more questions the extra information improves the placement quality.
We will always provide a professional and timely response to your enquiry.


Our placements team is highly selective. The teams involved in both referral and placement are deliberately small. Smaller teams enable good working relationships to develop. This is beneficial for individuals making important choices about a young person's wellbeing.
Your trust in Gracewells Care drives the highest standards when assessing a suitable placement.
We never offer a placement unless confident we can provide the right care. We always consider both our capabilities and the specific needs of the young person.


Our homes are run according to therapeutic principles with solutions that are adapted to the needs of each young person in our care.

We encourage young people to develop coping strategies, think about behaviour and manage emotions. We promote a positive approach to life, and the opportunities to gain the skills for independence. 

Emergency Placements

We understand it is not always possible to plan a placement within a residential children’s home. As a result, we may consider an emergency placement for short term crisis stabilisation.

To find out more about our residential services, placement availability and how we can help please call us on 01253 361047


Young people in our care have access to a wide range of leisure and social activities.

Activity programmes include cycling, mountain biking and fell walking together with slower-paced activities such as beachcombing and fishing.

Visiting places of educational interest such as Leeds Armouries, Liverpool Museum and  Vindolanda Roman Fort.